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Tammy Appleton made a fascinating entrance onto the literary scene in January 2013. As a busy mother and an entrepreneur at heart, she initially began writing not for the reasons she had intended. As with all Appleton's businesses, brand development and awareness remains paramount. Moreover, the need to encourage children to be their authentic self became increasingly important.

Appleton spends her days 'creating' the most of her life, no matter if it is a new product line like skin care, company providing a service for business and residential customers, an apparel line, or children's books. Her core motivation is to Dream-Create-Share, and she wholeheartedly believes all three takes place each day in her life.

Being an author of a children's book that would stand among the books containing original stories and artwork was a lifetime "dream" of Appleton. In the winter of 2012, she "created" Happy Apple Books. Each character and storyline of Happy Apple Books is designed to "share" her moments as a mother. Happy Apple Books are nothing less than a work of art. The first layouts were hand painted with inspiration drawn from watching children play and nature's splendor. Happy Apple stories will not disappoint the parent or child. Each story has a clear vision and brilliantly brought to life with vivid pictures and encouraging stories with morals to live by.

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